Built by the French since 1874, Hai Phong port is now the most modern container port in northern Vietnam. With facilities including advanced network system, modern equipment technology, 200 observation cameras and information management system and personnel, Hai Phong port is always a convenient location, ensuring safety and suitable for international commercial transaction purposes.
Currently, Hai Phong port has 5 branches. The port area has 21 piers with a total length of 3,567m with a designed depth of from -7.5m to -9.4m. The total area of ​​container yard at Chua Ve and Tan Vu port branches is 712.110m2 and 3,300 m2 for CFS warehouse at Chua Ve port.

As the port with the largest traffic volume in the North of Vietnam, Hai Phong port is capable of receiving about 10 million tons / year, of which Hoang Dieu Port branch accounts for nearly 60% of cargo loading and unloading. At the same time, the largest vessel size can receive 40,000 DWT at Lan Ha transshipment area and the lowest with 700DWT at Bach Dang buoy.

At present, towards the goal of stable and sustainable development, Hai Phong port is implementing the investment project of Dinh Vu Port with 5 berths and increasing the capacity of ships to 55,000 DWT and in the future with 100,000 DWT in Lach. The district and investment in information technology infrastructure.


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